Tri-State Life: Warrick County Cowboy

Troy Miller being interviewed for a news segment.
August28, 2017

9 thoughts on “Tri-State Life: Warrick County Cowboy

  1. My buddies and I used to watch Troy play at Mackey Tavern in Mackey, IN back in the 2000s and would love to see him live again. If you have a list of upcoming sets, would you please share a link to them? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Jacob!
      I apologize for the delay.
      He’s playing in Owensboro on Sundays 4-7p at Brasher’s Lil Nashville.
      I’m working on updating his website.
      Thanks for your interest!

  2. Watched Troy for years at the Deerhead, Owensboro, and any where else I knew he was playing. Does he have a sellable recording of “Jockey Full Of Whiskey”? I know it was hard on his voice. I have never heard a version my wife or I liked as well as his. I now live in Robinson Texas.

  3. Saw you at fall fest today. Been a few years(20+). Your beard is light. :). Glad to see youre doin well. Sound good. I Noticed canadian trucker tribute on sporify. !!!! I assume that means you know its us v ……
    Took a pic to share with my my mewburgh c96 busdies. Keep on rockin.

    1. Hey, Andy! I probably get paid more with download? Whichever is easiest for you. Thanks for commenting. Be sure to say hi next time.

  4. I want a studio version of Moonlight BBQ, the old Moonlight Bar-B-Q restaurant song. They have a new song that I’m having trouble locating atm. But the original by Troy is much better.

    1. Hi, thanks for your interest. They would have it, they bought it from me, so I don’t have a copy. I wish I did!

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